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XML data driven, paper and electronic catalogs


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New service. Hardcopy and electronic catalogs based on large xml data

We are pleased to announce the release of a new service proudly offered by Cynasky Web Multimedia.

Creation of paper and electronic catalogs based on preexisting data, through the use of the most popular Adobe System InDesign software.

Adobe InDesing is a desktop publishing application produced by Adobe System, addressed to the publishing industry. Thanks to the advanced management of scripts and supported programming languages, through the use of InDesing and a high level of expertise, Cynasky Web Multimedia will easily and professionally bring to life high-quality and exclusive paper and electronic catalogs.

Starting with a base of data, we are able to manipulate the available information and create custom-tailored catalogs presenting your products the best possible way, detailed by photos, descriptions, attributes and anything else you may need.

No limit of pages and products.

The procedure we have implemented allows us to create publications of a high number of pages. Thanks to our experience in the field of programming and design, you will get results compared to those achieved by a team of experts. The only difference is the price that, thanks to our automation, will stay low and bearable.

Whole works combined with a customized graphic suit, designed and developed made to order, with theme variations and graphic settings aimed to build a richer and interesting catalog.

Your catalog will be unique, usable for the press, the web and for e-pubblications.

Once a prototype for your company has been forged, together with Cynasky Web Multimedia, you will be able to create new and updated catalogs at a lower price, even more competitive.

Get in touch with us for a free and custom quotation based on your needs.

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