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Cynasky & Kiné for Trentino Solidarietà


The alliance KinéCynasky has been a winning formula.

Having had the opportunity to cooperate to a project of majestic dimention and of high level expectations, together with an established social enterprice, has been an highly constructive experience, one of those experiences to be done again.

And when the understanding is perfect so are the results.

Together for Trentino, we have forged an almighty portal, created for the autonomous province of Trento that gives its service for the social, conducting an important role in the field of the international cooperation and solidariety.

This portal is populated with contents of the latest hour entered within the system and of a projects area filled of information fetched from external sources: A database of over 3000 projects, daily updated through an extension that Cynasky has developed specifically for the case, where we have shown our potential.


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